Senior threatens school, police find guns and ammunition in home

Senior Timothy Evans arrested following a warning from police last week


Madison Mosher

As students exit school on Wednesday, March 7, officers from the Shelby Township Police Department were parked at various locations around the school. The extra precaution, was taken after a senior was arrested and charged with making a terrorist threat or a false report of terrorism on Monday.

Elizabeth Cetnar, Editor-in-Chief

Students walked into Utica High School under the watchful eyes of the Shelby Township Police Department Wednesday.

This comes after senior Timothy Evans made what police are calling a “credible threat” to the school on social media Monday night, according to a press release.

After conducting a search warrant, police found guns, replicas, and ammunition in his family’s home.

Evans was charged with making a terrorist threat or a false report of terrorism by the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office. His bond was set at $75,000.

“Any threats against our schools will be taken seriously and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” prosecutor Eric Smith said in a statement. “Calling a threat a prank or a joke is not a valid defense.”

Last week, according to The Macomb Daily, Evans and his younger brother shared a picture of a gun through social media. A resource officer spoke to them, along with their parents, and gave them a warning.

“We had a conversation with [their] mom and dad,” deputy police chief Mark Coil said to The Macomb Daily, “and they ensured us the guns were locked in a safe and the boys did not have access to them.”

Principal Tom Lietz addressed the issue in an email to parents on Tuesday afternoon, thanking the students that came forward with information about the threat.

“Punishment for these actions will impact a student’s future,” he said, “including college or career opportunities.”

Evans is now out on bond.