Award winning student photographer

Arianna Palushaj , Guest Reporter

Art is displayed in many different forms in order to tell a story through the images that are expressed. For senior McKenzie DeLaere, three years of hard work and dedication have been set towards photography.

Recently, DeLaere has discovered that she has won a scholastic piece for her work and will be going to New York City for winning the highest title in the United Stated for her photo.

McKenzie DeLaere’s award winning photo was published to express the strength between cancer.

“I told my parents that I needed a picture for my photography project and I wanted a picture of them two together,” DeLaere said, “my mom got very emotional about it so my dad just took her head and kissed her. That one snap that I took accidentally, came out so unbelievably perfect.”

Along with the help of teacher Joshua Etheridge, DeLaere was able to acknowledge the true strength behind cancer.

“This is a beautiful and powerful image that shows strength and love in the face of pain,” Etheridge said, “McKenzie is truly an amazing artist and young woman and I am honored to have had the opportunity to be her mentor.”

DeLaere’s artwork is being published in the Utica art show March 19-21st. She will also be receiving a gold metal in photography on June 9th in New York City, which is the highest award in the United States. Check out some of McKenzie DeLaere’s photo pieces along with the award winning “If it weren’t for hope, the heart would break” photo.