Students take on world language week


Madalyn Dishman and Jacob Joseph

It’s that time of the year again, where students from French, German, and Spanish classes gather together to celebrate World Language Week. Throughout the week, all of the classes partake in activities involving the different cultures and languages.

The week started with a friendly competition combining all three languages in a game of trivia. The questions were based on the different cultures of the languages and the countries they’re spoke at.

“It was a lot of fun getting to compete with my friends taking a different language,” junior Jack Wexler said, “It’s interesting to learn about other cultures.”

Tuesday was another day where students from different language classes gathered together but this time it was for their annual food day. Each class brought in a variety of food including chocolate fondue, smoothies, tacos, and many other dishes.

“I think Tuesday was my favorite part of world language week,” junior Johnny Tisch said. “Being able to try a variety of foods was pretty cool.”

Students spent Wednesday doing crafts and watching movies. The day was more of a relaxed day from the previous day.

On the last day, the students will be going to a cultural presentation in the auditorium. Students who come from other countries will be talking about their country and their languages.

Overall, the whole week was a fun week to be a part of especially with spring break right around the corner.

“The whole week was a whole lot of fun and excitement,” said Mackenzie Malone. “It really makes feel good to be a part of a language class.”