Utica gets a new lunch addition

Smoothie machines were recently added into the cafeteria, and students are enjoying the healthy option.


Mackenzie Malone, Guest Reporter

Utica’s lunch menu recently received a new, healthy option. Students and staff are now able to purchase smoothies in the first lunch line.

The smoothies come in two flavors: pineapple mango and strawberry banana.

“My favorite flavor is pineapple mango,” junior Gavin Fromm said. “It’s delicious and tastes really fresh.”

The smoothies have received plenty of positive feedback from those who have tried them.

“They are super good and sweet. I love having a healthy option,” junior Olive Epee said. “They are cheap, too, so that’s always good.”

However, not everyone agrees that the $2.50 price tag is a good deal.

“The cups are too small for the price,” sophomore Makiyah Jackson said, “but other than that, they are good.”

Some students wish that the smoothies would be available in varying cup sizes.

“I agree that we could use some different cup sizes,” Fromm said. “Sometimes I would rather have a bigger size then what’s available.”

The smoothies may be tasty, but only having two choices is disappointing to some.

“It would be nice to have a blueberry smoothie,” junior Michelle Nabozny said. “Those are my absolute favorite.”

According to the staff in the cafeteria, fans of the smoothies should keep an eye out for new flavors.

“We aren’t sure when we will be getting them,” kitchen manager Therese Black said, “but I know they are coming.”