Language classes celebrate food day


Finn Hopkins

The French classes served fondue to students.

Abby Jenkins, Guest Reporter

On Tuesday, March 27, all students in Spanish, German, and French classes had food day during their hour. World Language Week started on Monday, March 26, and all foreign language classes at Utica High School celebrated. This year, students moved from class to class, where they ate the food that other foreign language classes that hour had prepared.

The French classes prepared chocolate fondue with bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, pretzel rods, and rice krispie treats to dip. The Spanish classes had fruit smoothies, a taco bar, and various Spanish desserts. The German classes brought in various German desserts.

There was a variety of food for everyone to enjoy. The students had different opinions on what they thought was the best food.

“The German food,” sophomore Anthony Barney said, “because it was very sweet and flavorful.”

Others were more specific with their opinions.

“The churros from the Spanish class,” sophomore Melissa Hoti said, “It was the absolute best.”

Food day, although it may seem like a sweet day to get out of school work, is a learning experience about other cultures.

“I learned what their culture is,” Barney said, “and what people prefer to eat.”

Even though there is learning being done, others enjoy the fact that it is a day off from work.

“The best part of food day was not doing any work,” Hoti said, “It was a break from the usual.”

Others enjoyed the reason why the day received its name.

“[The best part of food day is] eating food,” sophomore Julia Jacklin said, “and savoring it.”

Exploring cultures, especially through food, was a successful and creative way to teach during World Language Week.