SAT wrap-up


Arianna Palushaj, Reporter

Utica High School’s junior class has just recently finished preparing and testing for their SAT’s. The SAT’s are a standardized test taken by juniors in order to evaluate the suitability for college admission.

To many students, the SAT’s are one of the most important tests they’ve taken leading up to this point in their high school careers. Students spend months studying and preparing for the SAT so they’re able to obtain an eye catching score.

Students have been studying a variety of different ways, all the way from books to websites and even tutors.

“I spent a lot of time on Khan Academy,” junior Nate Montalbano said. “The teachers spent a lot of in class time with us on Khan Academy which was also a lot of help and a huge time saver.”

According to many Utica High School juniors, the SAT is not the type of test you are able to study for the night before.

“Make sure you take your time to study”, junior Aleena Rooney said. “The best thing to do is to start your studying early so you know what to expect”.

With the SAT being a long four test, it is necessary for students to maintain a healthy mind set and the best way to do that is by eating a nutritious breakfast.

“Make sure you eat a good breakfast the morning of,” junior Alivia Powell said.”And having at least eight hours of sleep is important as well to be as awake and aware as possible.”