Mr. Chieftain. Male pageant allows contestants to showcase their best qualities, bringing the community together.


Mr. Chieftain is a huge topic of conversation this time of year. The excitement from the contestants, and the speculation of who will win, is what makes this competition exciting and thrilling.

The competition is very quirky, funny, and with a small mix of professionalism. The contestants must excel in a variety of tasks in order to become “Mr. Chieftain.”

A question about the event is “Why do the contestants want to go through embarrassment just to win this event?” We believe that this contest isn’t male objectification, as some people claim. The competition helps the community more than anything.
The title can for sure make one feel superior and good about themselves–the boys aren’t doing this just to have fun, they’re in it to win it.

What causes all the excitement for Mr. Chieftain? We believe that all the events that go into it, is what makes the event so appealing to many. Being able to see guys dance, sing, and do outrageous things is worth the excitement, especially if they feel comfortable enough to put themselves out there and enter the competition.

We believe the events helps boost the school spirits of everyone. The event allows everyone to get together for the night and have a good time.

We also believe the fact that the teachers being heavily involved within the competition helps increase the excitement. Being able to see your favorite teacher judge or host the event creates another incentive for students to be excited about the event.

Having this event makes for friendly competition among peers in the school of all grades. Friends, teachers, and family can come support their favorites and all the contestants.
Although the anticipation for the event can get students excited, nothing compares to the actual event itself.

Editorial Board Vote

Is Mr. Chieftain worth the excitement?
yes 8 no 1

The atmosphere and the grand stage for the event is great. For many in attendance, the events was well worth their time and money. It allowed many to remember funny memories for the people they were supporting.

Mr. Chieftain is a staple of our school, and speaking as a staff as a whole, we all love that tradition. No matter who wins every year whether it’s one of our friends or just a fellow student, it’s always nice to root for a winner.

Mr. Chieftain involves a lot of work for the boys–they have to do training before the event itself. This includes dance lessons and practicing what they want to perform.

Overall, Mr. Chieftain is a great event that we as a staff would like to see continue for many years to come. Although the premise of it may attract those opposed to it, there are many more positive aspects of this event than negative.

Instead of Mr. Chieftain being an event focused simply on beauty, it allows the contestants to showcase their best qualities, and for their classmates, friends, and families to support them. We support the Mr. Chieftain event.