Avengers Infinity War Review


Donnie Krall, Business Manager

Marvel Studios has yet again put together an instant classic. “Avengers Infinity War” has lived up to the impossible expectations and left audiences with an abundance of unanswered questions.

Instantly, the audience are put right into the instant action. From beginning to end, the audience will be on the edge of their seats, unaware of what is gonna happen next. With the numerous amounts of superheros, “Infinity War” is a dream come true for Marvel fans and movie fans in general.

However, the performance by Josh Brolin as villain Thanos was incredible. Thanos was a force to be reckon, with being a compassionate villain at the same time. Thanos has changed the game on how villains should be played.

“Infinity War” will not end the way you think and will keep audiences in tears and full of questions. In conclusion, “Avengers Infinity War” is a fantastic edition to the Marvel series and a great movie in general.