Lacrosse builds team on and off the field

Talia Cesario, Guest Reporter

Being whacked  at with 6 foot long metal poles isn’t appealing to most, but for this group of  boys it’s just a part of the sport they play. The boys lacrosse season has just begun and they work pretty well together, according to sophomore Jayson Cline.

“My favorite thing about the lacrosse team,” Cline said, “is building friendship with all these guys.”

Lacrosse season started on Thursday, March 15. The lacrosse team has practices all week except on Thursdays, and their first game was Tuesday, March 20 from 4 to 6:30.

“We have a great group of guys here,” Junior Collin Fox said “, We work well together and have great chemistry” Fox said 

The importance of teamwork and friendship is highlighted within the Utica lacrosse team by the players and by how they perform together.

Doing well in the game has a lot to do with how teammates treat each other on and off the field and it affects the way the players are viewed by other people.

The team uses not just being close as a way to dominate the field, but communication is also a big part of ruling the game.  

On Tuesday, March 27, the team played against Bishop Foley High School and won 13-4. They also won 6-0 on Tuesday, April 24 against Warren Mott.