Getting lost in the SAUCE at Buffalo Wild Wings


Haley Grooms, Guest Reporter

The sweet yet spicy desire of Buffalo Wild Wings are infamous for burning the tastebuds off tongues. The wild wings leave a burning or sweet sensation that leaves customers wanting more or yelling for milk to cool down. Let’s get real, though: how hot are Buffalo Wing Wings, really?

Buffalo Wild Wings has 23 different flavors of wings, which differ from sauces to seasonings. Each flavor has a unique taste unlike the other.

Our news staff had the opportunity to taste test the spices that left our mouths burning. Everyone recorded their favorite sauce and the spiciest sauce they tried.

“I tried the three spiciest sauces and there is a huge gap between spice and flavor,” senior Claire Decker said. “As the sauces got spicier, there wasn’t really enough flavor to make it worth it to me. Even between Wild and Blazin’ there was a huge jump in spice.”

The spiciness of the wings are graded on the menu by color and category, with green being the least spicy and red being the most spicy.

In the category of wings named “Smilin’,” there are four mild kinds of wings. Sweet Honey BBQ is the least spicy and Bourbon

Honey Mustard is the most spicy flavor in the category. For some, mild is still very hot.

“The hottest I went was mild,” sophomore Abby Jenkins said. “I’m scared of spices.”

To kick the heat up, the “Sizzlin’” category blends a whole new height to spice. Starting with Mild and ending with Thai Curry, each flavor elevates the fire.

“My favorite flavor was the Asian Zing, because it had so much flavor,” sophomore Finn Hopkins said. “I did not expect it to taste that good when I tried it. It just gave the perfect ‘pop’ of flavor.”

The highest level of spice is otherwise known as “Screamin.’” Hot BBQ begins the category and finishes with a fire-breathing Blazin’ sauce. Blazin’ is known is to be a challenge to eat due to the extreme spice.

“The hottest was definitely Blazin,’” senior Emily Ciraulo said. “I like spicy food, but it was more of a heat hot than a spicy hot.”

The staff concluded that 67% of members tried the Blazin’, yet nobody thought it was the best. Medium, Honey BBQ, Sweet BBQ, Asian Zing and Caribbean Jerk all tied as the staff favorite.

“It was a great experience that left my mouth tingling with all of the spicy favors,” sophomore Dominic Lount said. “[Trying the flavors] was definitely the highlight of my day.”

Trying not to get lost in the sauce is a hard task when it comes to the spices of Buffalo Wild Wings. Each sauce had a different taste that set them apart from the rest, which made picking a favorite extremely hard. Ranking from the most mild to liquid fire, the wings definitely take the wild title.