Senior projects help students do great things


Karla Flores, Guest Reporter

Being a senior may be exciting  soon you’ll be out of school and ready to do anything, but before you can even walk down the aisle at graduation you need to complete a 24 hour project… The Senior Project.

The Senior Project is a ten minute presentation assigned by every English teacher, A.P English is a 16 hour project and if you’re the lucky senior to be in regular English 12 your project will be a total of 24 hours.

Planning and preparing your senior project is the way to go. Many 2018 seniors did the complete opposite of planning their projects, many were not happy with them due to the lack of effort and now the seniors want to give the upcoming 2019 seniors helpful tips to succeed in the long, hard, and exhausting, Senior Project.

“I would’ve loved if I was planning my senior project since summer vacation, I wouldn’t have rushed it in last minute,” Senior Drake Lundquist said.

The advice given from many seniors was to start our projects in the summer, to start brainstorming on what to do so when you walk through those doors you will be ready to take on senior year, The advice other seniors mentioned was the option to start in the summer, finish all 24 hours before your senior year. Remind you to take plenty of photos, create your own unique video, and to go all out this may be just a school project but it could be the start in changing your community.

“My plan is to do it during the school year I already work in a retiring home I just plan to work with no pay,” Junior Evan Gray said.

You can also get a head start by submitting a document with your plan to your English teacher by June 11th, senior English teachers will overlook these documents and contact you if you can start your project. Every junior can get more information on