Donnie Krall and Jack Wexler

Pro: Times have changed in modern America. From 9/11, our nation have been filled with fear from the relentless terrorist attacks on this country. Recently, we have had school shootings that have tragically taken innocent lives, of students and faculty in these schools. I truly do believe if teachers were better armed for self-defense against these shootings, there wouldn’t be this great magnitude of lives lost.
It’s sad to think that it has come to the fact that our students don’t feel safe in their own schools. However, it’s a sad reality that needs to be realized by people. Arming teachers with guns is the last choice we have to ensure safety throughout schools. Having armed security guards is helpful; however, if a school shooter pulls a gun in a classroom, many kids could get shot and killed before the security guards could get there to stop him. Having an armed teacher could stop the shooter before a significant loss of life is taken. Of course, teachers shouldn’t be handed a gun without first giving them proper training. During the summer, teachers should be paid to undergo police training and learn how to handle a gun properly.
Since 9/11, airline pilots have been allowed to carry a concealed weapon, and that has been proven successful. People may argue that teachers never signed up to carry a weapon, however, teachers never signed up to be human shields for their students, either. For example, during the Parkland, Fla. high school shooting, a security guard used his body as a shield to protect a handful of students to survive. If that security guard or any other faculty member would’ve had a concealed weapon, a good portion of the incident wouldn’t have happened.
We cannot rely on law enforcement to save us; we need to rise up and take action. We live in a dangerous world where we need to take every precaution to ensure our safety.



Con: Teachers should not have guns while

they are in school. I feel like it would make the classroom an unsafe environment for all the students, as well as the average people that come inside.Let me paint a picture. An armed gunman walks into the school and starts firing his weapon, and a trained police office

r is nowhere in sight. Are you going to want a teacher, who was not originally taught to save people’s lives, to attempt to figh

t off an armed and extremely dangerous person? Or would you rather have a armed police officer, who is trained and specializes

in keeping people safe to defend us against the shooter?

In addition, teachers should not have guns in school is because a majority of parents would not trust

people with no police background to keep their kids safe. Even if a teacher is required to take a couple weeks of police training, it can never prepare a normal person to deal with a shooter with bad intentions. I know if I was a parent, I would want a prepared police officer to keep my child safe in the face of danger.
In addition, training the teachers as an addi

tional salary would be extremely costly. As it is, some schools can’t even afford to get new books and extra stacks of paper for their students. Training all these teachers would cost time and money that the schools can not afford if they can’t even pay for supplies in the first place.
Even though protection of the students should be the first priority of schools, especially in times like today, schools need to find alternative means of protection. Potentially putting the lives of hundreds of kids into teachers’ hands is not a good way to keep them safe. In the end, it would only set the schools back thousands of dollars and still not keep the students as safe as they still need to be. Overall, teachers having guns is unsafe and a waste.