Utica Tennis Swings Away at Success


Diann O'Connor

Junior Kathleen O’Connor serves the ball to the opposing team.

Joey Heck, Guest Reporter

Over the years, Utica girls tennis has been fairly successful. This season, though, has been more successful than others. This season, the tennis team is very successful with an outstanding undefeated record.

Last year, the girls tennis team had only 18 participants. But this year, the team has almost doubled that with 30 participants. Now that there are so many girls playing, there’s also a JV tennis team.

“I love being on the tennis team,” junior Jaclyn Duff said “it was a really fun way to get more involved in the school and make new friends.”

The girls tennis is currently having an undefeated season. For any sport, winning all the time obviously boosts their confidence.

“It feels great and makes me feel proud to wear a Utica jersey.” junior Veronica Walters said “It boosts my confidence when we play harder teams.”

Being on a team means you have to cooperate with all of your teammates. After all, the biggest part of playing a high school sport is to have fun. Having good team chemistry and working together leads to success.

“What I love most about being on the team is that we all get along really well and joke around alot.” senior Maria Nichols said.

The Utica Girls Varsity Tennis Team plans on building on the success after this season and looks towards a bright future.