Utica United holds executive board elections


The candidates for Utica United’s Executive Board after presenting their speeches.

Parker Hopkins, Guest Reporter

Elections were held for Utica United’s Executive Board on Friday, May 25. Four members of the club were chosen to replace the officers who are graduating this year.

Candidates gave speeches at the club’s meeting, urging people to vote for them. Members could vote for up to four people and the winners were chosen based on majority of votes. The ballot was made up entirely of juniors – Amara Booker, Wen Chen, Delaney Hageman, Cam Haydon, Michael Gornicki and Jonathan McGee.

“I ran because one of my friends suggested it,” Gornicki said, “and because I thought I could help share ideas for the club. It was really fun to run for the board.”

The four winners were announced during fifth hour: Booker, Hageman, Haydon and McGee.

“I want more meetings in the afternoons next year,” McGee said, “so that we can have more fun and play games. I also want to focus more on the history of the community, with a history night where we focus on how the LGBTQ community started moving into the government.”

Next year for Utica United holds the potential for great change. All four of the winners spoke of new ideas they would like to implement into the club for the 2018-2019 school year.

“I want everyone to know this club is for everyone,” Hageman said. “We have a very diverse e-board – there’s transgender people, straight people, people from all walks of life.”