AP English packs up for Europe

Alexa Reynolds, Graphic Design Editor

In mid-July, AP English Language and Composition and AP English Literature students have gotten the opportunity to take a nine-day trip to Ireland and England. This trip is only available to juniors and seniors enrolled in an AP English course and happens every other year.

Seeing cultures and societies which differ from your own expands your point of view,” senior Brandon Fox said. “So I feel like I’ll gain a lot of knowledge that will help me understand the world better.

Since parents are not permitted to go on the trip with the students, it will be a good time for the attending students to better learn responsibility and time management. As for how the trip can affect lessons in the classroom, students would have a better understanding of concepts learned in and out of class.

“It helps students grow in terms of maturity, responsibility, and character,” teacher Melissa Kevonian said. “It also gives a real-world experience to what’s done in the classroom”

Not only does the trip allow for students to become more well-rounded, productive members of society, but it also provides a cheaper path for seeing the world. The tour company the (teachers or school?) normally travels with is more affordable than what a person would pay if they did the trip on their own.

Plus, it gives students more chances to make connections with their fellow classmates and strengthen student-teacher bonds before meeting in the classrooms.

“I think, if your financial situations allow for it,” Fox said. “It’s a no-brainer to go.”

How it helps student growth:

•Better time management

•Learn how to budget responsibly

•Increased social skills

•More open-minded


Here is a list of links to help you prepare for the trip:

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