Prom upgrades, including theme, planned to make it a night to remember


Elizabeth Cetnar, Editor-In-Chief

Another end-of-the-year event for seniors is also seeing some big changes, but not with the venue or the way it operates – senior prom is getting a theme for the first time ever.

New senior class adviser Tammy Hilliard decided on giving this year’s dance the theme of a “Masquerade Ball” at the urging of many students who wanted to be like other schools in the district and the area that had themes for their proms.

“I felt in past years our prom was so beautiful and classy,” Hilliard said, “but because I’m a senior teacher, the first request I got as senior class adviser was to make prom have a theme like other schools.”

The dance will be held on Thursday, June 7 at the Palazzo Grande from 6:30-11:00 p.m. The tickets that students purchased include a dinner at prom. For dessert, there will be a chocolate fountain in the back of the ballroom.

To go with the masquerade ball theme, all attendees will receive a mask at the front door that they can wear all night. Hilliard purchased a variety of different masks so students could have their choice and try to match their dresses and suits.

“I think [the masquerade ball] is a really cool, appropriate theme for prom,” senior Dylan Burg said. “I love ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and this reminds me of that, which is cool.”

“I feel like it’ll be like the movie ‘Another Cinderella Story’,” senior Nalani Renta said. “It’s awesome because this is always how I’ve visualized prom, like in movies.”

As another favor, students will be able to have their photos taken by Prestige Portraits with their dates or friends. The photos will then be printed into key chains that night to be taken home.

Whether or not they’ve attended prom before, it’s sure to be a night to remember for many students, especially since they’ll be able to say that they attended Utica’s first themed prom.

“I’ve never been to a school dance before,” Burg said, “so it’ll be a whole new experience for me, even without the theme being a new thing.”


• Date:
Thursday, June 7
• Time:
• Location:
Palazzo Grande
54660 Van Dyke,
Shelby Township, MI 48316
• Theme:
Masquerade Ball
• Ticket Price: