Seniors skip out on school


Abby Jenkins, Guest Reporter

The Utica seniors participated in the annual senior skip day on Friday, May 25. The tradition has always previously taken place on the Thursday before the four day Memorial Day weekend. This year, senior skip day took place on a Friday because of the district turning the Memorial Day weekend from four days to three.

On senior skip day the students are free to spend the day how they like. Usually students will organize groups to do activities with their friends, like senior Amanda Monarch did.

“I went to Cedar Point with three of my friends,” Monarch said, “I spent almost the whole day there, and I went on almost all the rides.”

Others spent their day in Michigan to do activities usually reserved for a weekend.

“I went to Frankenmuth,” senior Andrew Kerr said, “I went with my friends and we did some shopping.”

Since senior skip day is a tradition, seniors can have some strong feelings towards having the day off.

“I feel like almost every school does it, so we should too,” Monarch said, “Besides, we aren’t doing much at this point of the year.”

It’s a tradition even some underclassmen look forward to.

“I think it’s cool how the school lets the seniors skip,” sophomore Daniella Russo said, “I’m going to do it in two years.”

Senior skip day is a tradition students won’t want to skip.