Parenting students prepare for their future


Arianna Palushaj , Guest Reporter

The students in teacher Stephanie Gerling’s parenting class have just recently had their yearly preschool day. Preschool day is an event where students in the class bring in children during the school day to play games and interact with the older students.

The event starts off with the kids frosting cookies and playing games with the students. The day is dedicated to not only fun activities, but to a learning experience.

“I feel that it is very beneficial for us to bring in the kids,” senior Krystal Conner said, “it helps us learn about their cognitive social skills and how they participate with others.”

One of the main reasons that preschool day is apart of the parenting classes is to teach students about the necessary mindset that is needed to become a parent and how difficult it could be.

“I’ve learned that dealing with kids and being a parent is going to be extremely hard,”junior Kathy Barbosa said. “This is a good learning experience for the future.”

Along with fun and games comes basic skills like interacting and communicating with others.                                                               

“Bringing in the kids was a lot of fun,” junior Reanna Moore said, “we got to see the way they interact with one another, especially when they are complete strangers to each other.” 

This part of the class helps students prepare themselves for their futures and helps determine their thoughts on having children of their own one day.