Eminem comes back ripping a whole new generation

Eminem comes back ripping a whole new generation

Evan Gray, Online Editor

Eminem has always been known as a provocative Detroit-based rapper who loves causing all kinds of drama through his songs. He stayed away from that type of music for the past few years, but he’s back and calling out more people than ever.

Marshal Mathers, aka Eminem, dropped the album titled ‘Kamikaze’ on August 31, 2018 and the album was a complete surprise to everyone and his fans were very happy with the surprise they received.

“I always listened to Eminem as a little kid but I stopped recently because he kind of fell off,” senior Jalen Cruz said. “This new album is like the old Em’ that we all know and it’s very good.”

In this album the first song is a whole ‘diss track’ and the Detroit rapper goes after big celebrities and fellow rap artists like Tyler The Creator, MGK, Lil Pump, and many more.

“I couldn’t believe Slim Shady[Eminems alter ego/nickname] went in on all these present day artists like that,” senior Chris Esmont said. “The most surprising was Tyler The Creator because I feel like he is one of the few modern day rappers who has respect from almost everyone. The album was overall okay.”

This new album soared to the top of the charts and is one of the biggest selling rap albums of the whole year so far. It sold roughly 360,00 copies in the first week and went number one on the charts seventy countries. Numbers like these have not been seen in a long time for a rap artist, especially one who is on his way to fifty years of age.

“The numbers for this album are absolutely crazy,” junior Jake Pflaum said. “I’ve never really been a fan of Eminem but I have to respect the numbers he’s pulling in and he really showed that he still has what it takes. Some would say Slim Shady is back again.”

This summer album continues to go up in sales and popularity and it is already in the talks for maybe winning an ‘Album of The Yeay’ award.