Representatives from colleges coming to Utica


Parker Hopkins, Reporter

Thinking about college? Or maybe just wanting to learn more about your school of choice?

Colleges are sending representatives to Utica for the next few weeks to help students look into different options for continuing their education. The visits are scheduled for most days until Oct. 31, during varying hours.

In order to attend these visits, you have to register through your school-issued naviance account. To do this, log into your account, click on ‘colleges home’ and scroll down to ‘college visits’. Clicking on the show more tab will allow you to view the entire schedule and find a school that you’re interested in. Once you find one, click ‘view details’ and click on register. On this page, there will also be information regarding time and location for the presentation. Each student can only sign up for three college visits, so make sure you choose the three you are most interested in.

These visits are open to all grades, and are full of information for students trying to decide on a future school. Attending these presentations can help students choose a specific college or narrow down a list of them.

“I learned what college best fit my needs,” senior Maddie Mincinski said. “It narrowed down my choice to one college, which is Eastern.”

Students can learn all kinds of things, from campus size to student life. The college representatives will be available to answer any questions regarding their specific school or college in general.

“They were really trying to push the employment rate after college,” junior Seth Hamm said. “They also talked about free parking, a lot.”

No matter which presentation you go to, they’re bound to open up new possibilities and ideas when it comes to furthering education.

“Being able to go to a college visit opened my mind to the many different possibilities,” junior Lauren Kerr said.

Sign up for a visit today, and learn about what the future could hold in store for you.