Utica Cross Country News

Talia Cesario, Reporter

Cross Country  

It’s running season for many of Utica’s most hard-working athletes. That means training all summer at 8:00 a.m. for most of them. Once school starts, practice is from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Utica Cross Country athletes are currently looking for anyone who wants to help fund-raise and buy a fan shirt from someone you know on the team.

Each shirt is $12 for a short sleeve and $15 for a long sleeve. They will have the Utica cross country logo displayed on the front with the words ‘Utica Cross Country Fan Club’-and a name of the buyer’s choice displayed on the back. 

“I’m excited for them and I like them a lot” says junior Julia Jacklin, “and I’m excited to make my friends buy one.”

The Utica girls Cross Country team will be doing a fundraiser at Ashby’s ice cream parlor within the next few weeks located on Van Dyke in Utica.  

Recently, the Utica Cross Country spirit wear has arrived to the athletes who ordered it. The girls Cross Country team decided to spend their fundraising money on tangerine-colored Crocs to represent the orange in Utica’s colors.

The team is presently training for upcoming meets and doing their best to gain a personal record by running their fastest 5K yet.

After being asked how she felt after a workout, junior Kaitlin Kerr replied, “As tough as it was, I felt empowered because I was able to accomplish something difficult.”

The Utica Cross Country team continues training and preparing for Regionals.