Schoology stirs up problems

Hannah Piasecki, Design Editor

Schoology, a website and app used by many teachers to update their students on assignments and other news, has faced some changes.

It is now connected to PowerSchool, enabling the program to access each student’s personal schedule when they log in with their student email. This saves the time of enrolling in each class individually, but it also causes problems for those who previously used the app.

“UCS’s update has made it hard to remember passwords that would otherwise be the same,” senior Lauren Clair said. “Technology should make communication easier, but the updates made it even worse.”

However, not all students are negatively affected. Some students see the update as an improvement.

“I never really used my old [Schoology],” senior Ben Pick said. “It made it better when I logged into the new one.”

Whether it is seen as more problematic or as more helpful, Schoology still has many problems with displaying the information it should be.

“I’m trying to do a Schoology quiz and it sucks because my phone won’t let me log in,” Pick said. “It’s crashed twice.”

The school knows technology is not perfect, and these problems are not being ignored.

“We’re slowly working through them all,” principal Thomas Lietz, said regarding issues with the program.

Until Schoology runs smoothly and efficiently, however, it can be inconvenient and affect student performance in certain classes.

“It isn’t allowing me to do what I have to do for homework,” Pick said.

Overall, Schoology seems to be a helpful program with good intentions, despite some problems that come along with it.

“Schoology is a helpful tool that tells me what I missed when I’m absent,” senior Aleena Rooney said, “and also allows for easier access to assignments, notes, and upcoming events in class.”