Up for Debate

Team returns after 9 years

Collin Fox, Sports Editor

The art of argument is very important in a lot of ways, and being skilled in it can be quite beneficial. Now, thanks to teacher Lacie Smith, students can practice this art and display their skills through several competitions throughout the year.

Although a speech class is an option for students that have room in their schedules for the elective, the new team is not affiliated with the class.

“I started a debate club, so kids that don’t have the class can still be involved,” Smith said. “It’s a big commitment, but I’m ready to fulfill it.”

Smith, who teaches CTE classes such as Parenting and Foods and Nutrition, brings experience to the news team. She debated all four years of high school, and was a competitive debater during her years at Central Michigan University.

Principal Tom Lietz, a former debater himself, is especially excited that the debate team is being reintroduced.

“I was a high school debater, and I debated throughout college,” Lietz said. “I believe that there isn’t a better form of study than argument.”

The new club has allowed many students to participate in organized debating, regardless of their school schedule, making many of the participants very happy.

“It was awesome,” senior Vladmir Popadic said. “It was almost a bit overwhelming, but definitely awesome.”

The team will be studying the two forms of debate, which are public forum and legislative, before they decide which type they will compete in.

“Public forum is usually done in teams of two students,” Smith said, “whereas legislative is with teams of around 20.”

The team practices every Wednesday and Friday at 2:25 in room 215.

According to Smith, new members are still welcome.