New teachers increase Chieftain staff

Dominic Lount, Editor

As the new school year is underway, students may see a few unfamiliar faces walking down the halls. As every year, Utica has gained a few new teachers that will do their very best to help students succeed in a particular subject. Some may be veteran teachers, while others may be brand new. However, they all have the same goal, trying to help students reach their full potential.

“We have five new teachers this year,” principal Thomas Lietz said, “some have been teaching for a while, and some are relatively new.”

Teachers come in with all different subject experiences, from algebra to chemistry to small business and many more.

“I teach English 11 and French I,” teacher Sarah Miller said.

New teachers also bring in different personalities and teaching styles, hoping to help students learn better. A different style could open up a student’s mind, and help them understand different subjects better than ever before.

“New teachers are always exciting,” junior Dylan Daniels said, “because I might be able to learn better with them.”

Although some veteran teachers requested to move, while others moved due to open positions, other newer teachers had to search for a job and interview with Lietz in order to secure their positions.

“First I interviewed for Stevenson High School,” teacher Regina Shikwana said, “but then the Stevenson principal recommended me to Mr. Lietz, and I interviewed at Utica.”

“I taught at Jeannette for eight years,” teacher Jordan Tasich said, “but then I transferred to the high school level.”

Many students were excited to hear about the influx of new teachers entering the school this year, as new teachers will bring new memories that students will remember for the rest of their high school careers.

“All Utica High School teachers work hard and make sure no student is left behind,” junior Nur Awkal said, “and I think the new teachers will do that, as well.”

As the school year begins to progress, the teachers new to Utica are already beginning to grow more fond of the school, as well as creating better relationships with new students and teachers.

“Never have I been a part of such a genuinely friendly and welcoming community,” Miller said, “staff and students alike.”