Cider mills attract everyone who loves the fall season


Evan Gray, Online Editor & Business Manager

Yates Cider mill and Blake’s Farms Apple Orchards are main attractions for anyone who loves the fall weather. They have apple cider, sugar-coated donuts, hay rides, and much more. When fall comes around, every person seems to jump on the bandwagon for these traditions and it gives these cider mills a lot of money.

“The girls cross country team went to a cider mill for a Sunday night run,” senior Lindsey Berg said. “We met with Fraser High School’s team there as well and the coaches bought us donuts and cider. It was a great time and I love this time of year.”

The most common cider mill people go to in the Utica area is ‘Yates Cider Mill’ because it is so close and has great scenery. It is located on 23 Mile Rd and Dequindre Rd. They are mostly known for their apples, but they also offer donuts, ice cream, fudge, pony rides, a river walk, and many more interesting things to do.

“My family and I tend to end up at Yates every time fall begins to start,” junior Jake Plfaum said. “We always eat so much and then just hangout as a family and it is really great. I look forward to it every year.”

Blake’s Farms Apple Orchards and cider mill is located a lot further from the Utica area as it is located in Armada on North Avenue. Though it is a lot father, it offers a lot of activities. It has all kinds of food, a petting zoo, hay rides, haunted houses, mazes and much more. This orchard is significantly larger and because of that, they tend to charge more than what the normal prices are. It is still a fan favorite and every year it is always full of people from all over.

“When I was younger, me and my family used to always go to Blake’s,” senior Jaclyn Duff said. “We don’t go as much there anymore, but whenever I do go there it always gives me great memories and is definitely a good time.”

Michigan’s weather is usually in the ‘fall season’ for about two to three months of the year. And during this short time, many people file into these places because they want to get the real fall experience and enjoy all the events they have. Most of the cider mills relate a lot of their activities to Halloween and pumpkins because those topics and things are the most popular during that time of year.

“I don’t go to cider mills much,” senior Jack Wexler said. “It just doesn’t really appeal to me and I don’t understand why all these people get so hyped up to look at pumpkins and eat half-decent donuts.”

Cider mills are a staple of the fall months and their food and many different activities seem to bring in all types of different people within the few fall months.