Dairy Queen unveils fall flavors


Parker Hopkins, Editor

It’s that time of the year again – the leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, and fall flavors are beginning to make their way into restaurants.
One such restaurant is Dairy Queen. Known for their gravity-defying blizzards, the ice-cream chain has recently unveiled a new quartet of seasonal flavors – pumpkin pie, dipped strawberry with Ghirardelli, snickerdoodle cookie dough and Oreo hot cocoa.
As a traditional fall flavor, one would expect pumpkin pie to be the favorite, but that wasn’t the case for 94 percent of the journalism and newspaper classes who tried it.
“Pumpkin pie was pretty decent,” junior Haley Grooms said. “The texture was perfect and about as good as it gets when putting pie in ice cream.”
Even though fall has come, some fruity flavors are still in season, according to Dairy Queen. However, the dipped strawberry with Ghiradelli® only appealed to six percent of the classes.
“I liked the strawberry chocolate one, because it had the perfect amount of tartness from the strawberry and the sweetness from the chocolate,” junior Nur Awkal said. “To top it all off, the ice cream was impeccable.”
However, some thought that the taste was too overpowering.
“I didn’t like the dipped strawberry flavor all too much because it was too sweet,” senior Aubrey Stellman said. “The strawberry flavor was too sweet, and I feel like there was way too much chocolate in there, too.”
Cookies and ice cream are a longtime combination of frozen treats. The snickerdoodle blizzard, however, didn’t fare so well. Only twelve percent chose it as their favorite fall blizzard.
“[T]he snickerdoodle blizzard was my favorite,”  school resource officer Jacob Lukas said, “because [I] really like cinnamon and the cookie dough chunks added great texture and flavor.”
With 75 percent of the vote, it’s no surprise that the Oreo hot cocoa blizzard dominated the other flavors when it came to favorites.
Some praised it for the unlikely combination.
“I was surprised when the flavor of the hot  chocolate could actually be tasted,” senior Alyssa Ali said. “You wouldn’t think to put Oreos® in your hot chocolate until you’ve tried this flavor.”
Others enjoyed the balance of all of the ingredients in the blizzard.
“It tasted the most authentic flavor-wise,” senior Colleen Roberts said. “The other ones had flavors or  ingredients that were overpowering and sometimes made it hard to eat more than a couple bites.”
Although the fall flavors are temporary, there’s no doubt that they are going to be a success this season. From typical fall flavors, to blizzards with unique twists, Dairy Queen is the place to go for ice cream this fall season.