Be civil. You’re not convincing anyone with your arguing style.

Cameron Smale, Copy Editor

Remember when people used to have civil conversations until one person would say, “Hey, you have a point.” Oh, how I miss those simpler times. Nowadays, debating with someone is like long division; it’s completely pointless. Nobody can change anyone’s mind anymore because we’re all brainwashed by what our phones are telling us. We don’t even think for ourselves, yet we fight for one side of an argument that we know nothing about. When a controversial statement comes up, there is a variety of different responses that one might put you through.

The first type of response, that I’m sure anyone has heard before, is the “nope you’re wrong” person. Although basic, do not be fooled by the turds who think they make a valid argument without justification or reasoning. Seriously, you can’t just say I’m wrong and ignore any further statements I make. Do people seriously think I’m simply going to say, “Oh, okay,” and then change my entire point of view? Usually those people are more tolerable than others.

Secondly, you got the loud people. To be more specific, the people who think that if they talk louder than me, they’re winning an argument. Nothing is more annoying than when you want to voice your opinion and someone decides it isn’t worth listening to. I know it’s hard for some people to shut their mouth for five secon

ds, but please, show some respect. What possible outcome would you expect from constantly interrupting someone? They might give up on arguing with you, but they’ll probably hate you for being that type of person.

And then there are the accusers: the people who try to twist your words around and pin them against you. If I say I agree with someone, it doesn’t mean I love and worship everything they say. Or if I say I like something, it doesn’t mean I hate the other thing.

The next type of arguer is one of authority and power, which can happen when you disagree with your parents or teachers–and you get in trouble. In my personal accounts of similar situations, I have learned to simply reply with, “You’re right; I’m sorry,” even if they make a completely dumb statement. If it’s your teacher, you better show some respect. I will say that you don’t have to agree with them, but you best be acting like you do. Otherwise you can kiss that 4.0 GPA goodbye.

When going over a certain topic with someone, you can usually tell who knows what they’re talking about, and who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. As I previously mentioned, a lot of people are brainwashed by what they see on the news, their phones or what they hear from peers. There’s a sort of bias that most people have, even if they’re completely proven wrong. You could straight up tell them the unarguable facts and they will deny that you are right.

A lot of people will say they’ve never seen these types of people. If you haven’t ever experienced them, it’s most likely that you are one of them, and you know who you are.

Nothing is more annoying than when you want to voice your option and someone decides it’s not worth listening to.”The moral here is to not be the imbecile who thinks people will agree with you if you annoy them enough. For real; it never has worked and it never will work. Get your head out of the clouds and try being more open-minded. It doesn’t hurt to listen sometimes.