Uniting Academics and Athletics


Jacob Joseph, Managing Editor

While in high school, academics and athletics play an important part of life. Whether your main focus is academics, athletics, school clubs, or multiple organizations, everyone must find a balance for it all. Many students do multiple combinations of clubs, sports, and AP (Advanced Placement) classes.

Having to balance the commitment of playing a varsity sport and having to do the hard work within the classroom can be a big challenge. A prime example of this would be senior Cayley Ebeling. Ebeling plays three varsity sports while trying to balance five AP classes.

“It definitely is a challenge balancing a sport every season and five AP classes,” Ebeling said. “I just try to work hard during athletics and when

focusing on academics.”

It’s not only student athletes who find trouble with this. It’s also students who are in clubs such as theatre and band that must find a good balance between extra curricular and academics.

Senior Mackenzie Robertson deals with this problem on a day to day basis. Robertson is involved with quiz bowl, band, and theatre while trying to balance academics, as well.

“AP Literature is a lot of hard work,” Robertson said. “It’s a lot of work, tons of notes, and if you procrastinate you get stuck with it all the very last minute.”

Robertson also had good insight on how to balance all your clubs and classes.

“I make sure I think through all the clubs I have every day,” Robertson said. “If I have a lot going on at once, I just balance my priorities.”

For many student athletes, there’s a big incentive when it comes to keeping up with grades. That incentive being able to play athletics in college.

“I try my hardest to keep up with my grades because I want to play in college,” senior football captain Christian Gegovic said. “NCAA sets a certain GPA to keep up with, so that’s why it’s important for athletes to keep their grades up.”