‘A Star Is Born’ steals hearts

Perfectly-imperfect love story displays wide variety of messages and life lessons


Haley Grooms, Reporter

From the first strum of the guitar to the last note of a song, “A Star Is Born” has stolen the hearts of many. The film explores the in-depth layers of stardom, topics of drug abuse, alcoholism, and the struggle between balancing family with work.

The motion picture was a remake of the 1976 Barbra Streisand version. The modern production, however, had tough shoes to fill from its predecessor.

Lady Gaga, an internationally renowned pop-star, took center stage as the main role of Ally Campana. Bradley Cooper led the other main role as Jackson Maine and also directed alongside the singer.

The film has raging reviews. With a whopping 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, fans are all over the musical love story.
Starting out as a struggling artist with a big dream, Ally is working paycheck-to-paycheck and living with her dad. After her small gig at a drag bar, she crosses paths with the one and only Jackson Maine. Like every other romance cliché, they fall in love.

Their love for one another and music combine to create the perfect mess. They attempt to manage two separate musical careers as well as an intimate home-life.

The perfectly-imperfect love story displays a wide variety of messages and life lessons. There is a lot to be taken away from the two-hour movie.

“I thought it was a really dynamic plot about a love story, following your dreams, and the hardships of life,” senior Hailey Hough said. “There’s a lot of different messages to take away from it.”

The film showed different perspectives of fame and fortune. The movie proves that being famous is not what everyone expects and is tougher than what people think.

“It was a pretty good movie,” junior Giuliana Capitanio said. “I like how you can tell what was changing each charact

Ally and Jackson share the stage together for the first time. This is where the movie begins.

er throughout the plot.”

The authenticity of Ally and Jackson’s background make their story seem like a fantasy. Jackson and Ally use their music as an outlet to tell stories and their outlook on different topics.

“I like that the songs were all written by the characters in the movie,” junior Ryan Janowski said. “They were deep and had a good message.”

The songs dramatically changed through the duration of the movie. Starting out as really strong and emotional, they quickly spiral into a more Lady Gaga-like style. It mimics how the characters are evolving.

Tough topics were covered in a new light. Jackson and Ally face problems that everyday people come into contact with.

“The message of ‘A Star Is Born’ is that life is unfair,” teacher Steven Haley said. “I thought it was unfair that Bradley Cooper is not only a great actor, good looking, but can also sing. That made me sad.”

This is not like any other sappy love story. It is one of surviving through rough times, loving when one cannot love oneself, and looking past mistakes that someone can make.

Not to mention, watching Lady Gaga slay a different kind of stage was exciting for many.

“A Star Is Born” is the perfect symphony of events for an uncommon plot like no other.