Why doesn’t it feel like Christmas?

Talia Cesario, Reporter

December is the beginning of the snowfall, the start of snow days, and, for some people, a month of festive celebration and anticipation. But let’s address the elephant in the room…it’s mid-December and there hasn’t even been a foot of snow yet!

With no snow, the possibility of snow days is nonexistent. How do you get into the Christmas spirit without snow, or without the anticipation of a possible snow day hanging in the air?

The lack of snow is confusing, considering how Michigan almost always has had snow around this time.  The beginning of the snowfall usually implies that the Christmas season is on it’s way to all who celebrate it.

Still, the smell of a pine candle, some decorative Christmas tree lights, or a warm fireplace always seem to carry a Christmas feeling. Some ways for getting into the Christmas vibe involve watching hilarious Christmas movies and drinking the winter-time tradition of a cup’o’hot coca.

Despite the lack of freezing cold snow, it is still possible for Christmas-lovers to enjoy the Christmas feeling. There will always be beloved ugly sweater parties and secret-Santa gift exchanges.

No matter how late the snow is this year, students still have around six months of school left, leaving plenty of room for possible snow days and blizzards; so enjoy having an ice-free windshield while you still can!

Another reason it doesn’t feel like Christmas may be because of the lack of Christmas music being played this year. Each year, less and less people are enjoying Christmas tunes.

It is true, in fact, that Christmas music sounds nothing like Post Malone’s popular new album. However, Christmas music has it’s own ideal seasonal style worth listening to every December.

Luckily, Christmas year 2018 isn’t over yet. There is still plenty of time to flush ice cubes down the toilet in hopes of snow, and plenty of time to blare Christmas music in your car on the way to work.