Rocking Utica’s stage with the new musical


Arianna Palushaj , Social media editor

Get ready for a battle between the past in the future where a group of Bohemians struggle to restore live music in a future where rock music is unknown.

The students of Utica High School are getting prepared to audition for the spring musical “We Will Rock You.” Auditions will be held after school on Dec. 17-21 for various roles.

Auditions are open to any students that are interested in being in the play.

“I thinks it’s really cool that kids that aren’t in the theater program can audition for the plays,” junior Olivia Kurek said, “I originally thought that only theater students could audition for the plays, but i’m glad i found out that anyone can try out.”

On Dec. 17, students auditioned for the dancing roles in the play, whereas on Tuesday Dec. 18, students auditioned for the singing portion of the play. Wednesday Dec. 20 was dedicated to the students who were auditioning for thee acting roles.

“The pool of talent was unreal and it takes a lot of guts to audition,” senior Lindsey Berg said. “We went through 4 intense audition days, including dancing, singing, and acting. I give everyone who auditioned an immense amount of credit.

Although there are only 8 main roles, all of the other members who auditioned got roles as apart of the ensemble, along with other parts that are still being figured out for some members.

“I fully enjoy the fact that kids that don’t get the main roles in the play still get to have the same fun that the main characters get to have,” senior Jonathan McGee said. “They still get to be there to do the dancing and singing and everyone is still always included no matter what role they have.”

If you are interested in looking at the “We Will Rock You” cast list, check out the featured photo.