Speeding things up

Collin Fox, Sports Editor

Track coaches Chris Scott and Megan Berry have started a new running club for the winter.

“The new club officially starts in January, coach Scott is in charge of it, but I plan on being there for many of the training sessions as well,” Berry said.

The goal of this new club is to help athletes get faster and quicker for the upcoming spring season.

“We feel speed training can benefit all sports, so we decided to start a speed club and invite athletes of all sports to participate,” Berry said.

Something being utilized in this club is the new and very accurate timing system that was recently acquired by the track coaches, it will help get split second times for athletes.

“We got a new laser timing system this fall, thanks to the athletic boosters,” Berry said.

An informational meeting is being held on Jan. 4 at 2:30 in the wrestling room and there will be an optional trial run after the meeting.