Voters say ‘Yes’ to bond proposal

Jacob Joseph, Managing Editor

On Nov. 6, citizens who reside within the Utica Community Schools district voted to pass the bond proposal. The $155 million proposal consists of improvements to safety, technology, and infrastructure.

With the bond money ready to be used, much of Utica will be improved in many aspects.

“One of the first things on the agenda will be installing new turf at Swinehart,” principal Tom Lietz said. “This is important because it’ll help limit injuries, and the field also needs improvements due to the fact it’s used by two high schools.”

Many future athletes are very excited for the upcoming renovations.

“I’m excited that the field I play at will be improved,” junior Maguire Palicke said. “It’s always nice to know that you’re playing in a safe environment.”

The bond money will not only be used at Utica, but it will also be used at the rest of the high schools, junior high schools, and elementary schools. New security cameras at junior high schools will be top priority for the use of the bond money.

“Within the next one to two years we will see new improvements at Utica,” Lietz said. “We will see lots of new construction additions, and renovation of the locker rooms.”

A major renovation that will happen is the improvements to our infrastructure such as locker rooms and other parts of the building. Forty of our facilities have an average age of fifty years.

The bond will be paid back within the next 15 years and will strive to improve the educational and athletic environment within Utica High School, and around the district.

“I’m really excited that the bond proposal got passed through,” senior Mackenzie Malone said, “mostly because my younger brother will be able to experience the benefits of the bond proposal.”

The improvements to Utica will begin after the 2018-2019 school year.