Hot mess in cold classrooms

Students layer up for differing temperatures

Haley Grooms, Editor

Imagine casually sitting in class, finishing up an assignment, until you’re hit in the face with someone’s fur coat.

With winter arriving, jackets and hats are tools to combat cool temperatures outside. However, classrooms are not outside.

Students say some classes are too hot. They also say some are the definition of an ice box. There is no median for students to debate upon.

“Why are schools the only place of business that cannot hold a steady temperature,” teacher John See said. “Classes are either 90° or 50° and there is no comfortable in-between.”

Throughout the day, hot classrooms become musty and smelly. Some teachers open their windows amid the freezing temperatures to clear out the humidity.

“Some rooms heat up really fast and take on a nauseating smell,” junior Charles Borus said. “Nothing can really help it because it’s body heat though.”

Fluctuation in temperatures also frustrate students when trying to coordinate outfits.

“When one class is super cold, you have to dress for the cold,” junior Gina Sapiano said, “but when the next class is super hot it is really hard to find something to wear to keep me comfortable in both temperatures.”

The ongoing dispute between the thermostat and people of Utica High is one that can be felt in any room.