Do U even lift?

New powerlifting team added


Senior Shannon Rumble deadlifts during powerlifting practice. ARIANNA PALUSHAJ PHOTO

Arianna Palushaj, Social Media Editor

Even the most hard core training methods revolve around very simple concepts; lift heavier weights and gain more muscle. For Utica’s new powerlifting team, many students find themselves dedicating plenty of hours assessing their strengths and evaluating their abilities when it comes to lifting heavy weights.

The new powerlifting team is open to anyone that is interested and is prepared to commit their after-school time to doing heavy weight lifting.
The team originated from alumna Mariana Merandi, who was on the powerlifting team at Henry Ford II High School. Merandi placed sixth in the Powerlifting State Competition, which inspired many students to consider powerlifting as an activity that they would be interested in.

“What influenced me the most to start powerlifting was the fact that Mariana was a female pursuing the sport,” senior Shannon Rumble said. “I like knowing that even though this is a more male dominant activity, us females can still participate and do just as well as the males would.”

The team spends around an hour and fifteen minutes after school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, where they condition and push themselves to their full potential. Not only do students spend time after school practicing, but they also spend time outside of school lifting in order to stay fit.

“I think the powerlifitng team is super great for the kids,” principal Tom Lietz said. “If kids are interested in it and the coaches are willing to do it, then I think it’s amazing. It’s another activity for kids to have the chance to get in shape.”

Many of the students on the team spend countless hours lifting weights outside of practice just for amusement, so they decided that the best sport for them would be powerlifting.

“I used to lift weights over the summer, but I stopped when school started back up,” senior Andrew Slanec said. “I thought the powerliftig team was a good way to get back into shape.”

Although the powerlifting action is very tiring, plenty of students find themselves enjoying it and are prepared to see the results that it brings.

“The more you work out, the better you feel about yourself physically and mentally,” Slanec said. “I saw the powerlifting team as a way to get back into working out and as a way to push myself to work harder.”

Lifting an intense amount of weights can be very difficult for most people. Without support from people around them, students find it challenging to get motivated .

“All of us on the team try to push and motivate each other to do what we know we are capable of doing,” senior Reanna Moore said. “It’s a lot easier to power through sets when you have your team behind you to always push you to your full potential.”

Motivation and confidence go hand and hand when it comes to powerlifting. In order to encourage themselves to lift an excessive amount of weights, these athletes are confident in the fact that they are able to do it, and are looking forward to the competition season ahead.