Adventures in the Wild West


“Red Dead Redemption II” as been released with lots to offer to its players.

Cameron Smale, Editor

For many gamers, “Red Dead Redemption II” was one of the most anticipated games of all time. Not only did Rockstar Games present its fans with a 60 plus hour story mode with thought-out characters and endless hours of dialogue, but they have also released an online mode for gamers to play amongst each other in the Wild West.

In the story mode, gamers play as Arthur Morgan, a senior gun in the Van der Linde gang. Constantly fleeing from the law, the gang of outlaws go through good and bad times, which define how the characters feel about one another. Over time, characters will develop and change based on certain events in the game. There are several different endings for the game.

“‘Red Dead Redemption II,’ in my opinion, [is] a historically accurate game that features significant times during our country’s foundation,” junior Jack Shepherd said. “It is very entertaining game and I find it really enjoyable.”

The way in which the storyline unfolds is completely up to the gamer, who has the option to play the game honorably or dishonorably. This will affect dialogue, opportunities, and how others act around Arthur Morgan.

“I really liked the story mode and thought it was really cool, because you got to see how the main character developed,” senior John Mayberry said. “This is definitely one of Rockstar’s best games yet, and I’m looking forward to future updates.”

Rockstar has stated that “Red Dead Redemption II” is set on smooth game play and deep immersion with role play elements, from simple actions like eating, fishing or hunting to gunslinging, duals and story mode missions.

On Nov. 27, Rockstar released the early stage of the “Red Dead Redemption II” Online mode.

At first, gamers were skeptical and even a little bit worried about the game because of how hard it was to make money. Just a week after Rockstar heard all of these complaints, they apologized and made money lot easier to acquire. On top of that, they gave every single player who had played the game prior to the money fix an additional $250 and 15 gold bars, which are their in-game currency. In Rockstar’s opinion, this made up for the inconvenience.

In the “Red Dead Redemption II” online mode, players are allowed to venture out into the Wild West with friends, making no small name for themselves. Memories of both awesome and funny moments can be made possible with online mode.

“I love this game; the online is great and has a lot of potential,” senior Omar Hassan said. “Red Dead will continue to be the best online game ever as long as it keeps making new updates.”

Based on the fact that Rockstar’s last games have been very much active, “Red Dead Redemption II” is expected to last for years to come. This means that players can count on frequent updates to occur and lots of fresh, new content.

“I think ‘Red Dead Redemption II’ is what all the people who played the first one could ask for,” senior Alexander Dicicco said. “Playing it brings back memories. It really does have the same feel as the first one.”

According to media analysts, it is estimated that “Red Dead Redemption II” had between a $80 million and $100 million budget. That really shows how much time and effort Rockstar put into their Wild West-themed project.

Rockstar’s employees and actors have worked countless hours, overtime, in order to meet early impossible deadlines. When it comes to Rockstar’s games, they don’t enjoy disappointing their fans. It is stated that Rockstar worked on “Red Dead Redemption II” for over five long years. It will continue to develop over time.