Chieftain prime parking spot raffle


Colleen Roberts, Guest Reporter

If you hate walking all the way from the junior lot because the senior lot is all filled up, you’re in luck. Student Council, along with other school organizations, will be sponsoring a monthly raffle where one student can win the opportunity to park right in front of the school.

The first raffle took place the week of Nov. 26. Students were able to purchase raffle tickets on Tuesday or Wednesday during their lunches.

Senior John Asmar was announced as the Chieftain Prime Parking Spot winner for the month of December.

“I already kind of knew I was going to win because I bought so many tickets,” Asmar said.

Asmar spent 60 dollars on 150 raffle tickets.

Tickets were available to be purchased at $1 per ticket, $5 for 10 tickets, and $20 for 50 tickets.

 “We were coming up with different ideas to do,” student council adviser Steve Haley said. “It seemed like a fun idea for people to do and a good way for groups in the school to earn money.”

In the first raffle, eight to ten students purchased raffle tickets.

“I decided to enter the raffle because I think it’s a good way to raise money,” senior Jillian Jezak said. “Everyone is constantly complaining about having to leave early to get a spot, so if you win this one you don’t have to worry about parking in the junior lot for a whole month.”

While student council sponsored the first raffle, other groups will have the opportunity to sponsor it in the remaining months of the school year. Teacher Linda Kammann sponsored the January raffle with plans to use the ticket money to run the MLK  day of service.

Tickets for the January raffle were sold Tuesday Dec. 18 and Wednesday Dec. 19 during all lunch periods. Junior Josh Essenmacher was announced Dec. 21 as the winner of the January parking spot.

“It was a surprise, but then it was joy,” Essenmacher said. “I was like alright, lets go.”

Essenmacher purchased 10 tickets for $5. He will now be able to park in that spot for the whole month of January.