Diversity: An eye opening experience


Thomas Lietz

Students gather around to talk about the diversity in everyone.

Mackenzie Olmstead, Guest Reporter

The Macomb Diversity Summit helped showcase the diversity within our society. The summit is where a group of students from schools all over Macomb County came together and talked all about diversity. It also helped educated students how to accept people who are different from you.

One student who attended the Macomb Diversity Summit was senior Olivia Fuhrman.

“I had a great time at the summit,” Fuhrman said. “It was a great experience to meet people who are different than me and to experience how other people act and are treated.”

If anyone is interested in going to the Macomb Diversity Summit, Fuhrman recommends it.

“I would say that everyone should try to go if they have the option,” Fuhrman said. “It was an eye opening experience that allowed me to see how other people are treated and allows for everyone to re-evaluate the way they treat people.”

At the summit, students got to choose what presentations they wanted to go see. There was presentations about diversity through art, LGBTQ talk, Diversity 101, and a discussion session where students talked about some struggles they’ve faced. After the students watched their chosen presentations, they came together and spoke about how to apply what they learned at the summit into Utica High School.

Another advantage to going to the summit, according to Fuhrman, is the uncommon discussion.

“It allows for people to have a conversation about a topic that isn’t discussed,” Fuhrman said.

Another attendee, senior Jaclyn Duff, also learned about other people and the differences that make them unique.

“The summit was a very eye opening experience,” Duff said. “We got to learn about what other people go through.”

Like Fuhrman, Duff recommends experiencing the summit if people are debating whether or not to go.