Downtown Utica introduces a new sledding hill

Downtown Utica introduces a new sledding hill

Shelby Carlson, Guest Reporter

Downtown Utica is opening a new park which is featuring a sledding hill within the upcoming winters.The park will be located in Pioneer Park, north of the Eppler Jr. High’s football field.

“The sled hill, at this point,” Mayor of Utica Thom Dionne said, “is a bit impromptu.”

There is currently a large pile of topsoil that is to be spread around the whole park in the spring, but as of right now, Utica crews are working to make the top soil usable for this year.

In years to follow, Utica will work towards obtaining dirt to build a permanent sled hill.

I decided to go forth with the sledding hill,” Dionne said,” because I listened to my residents who asked for more winter activities throughout the season.”

The hill will cost nothing to the city and could be something fun and favorable for numerous people. People will be sledding at their own risk, but of course the hill will be built as safe as it can be.

During the warmer months, the park will be primarily a dog park for the community. The idea of the park was from an Eagle Scout.

The dog park will be about one acre in size and there are plans to include play areas with obstacles for the dogs, restrooms, and a place for dogs as well as their owners to get food and drink.

The park will include a total of 32 acres that will be divided up into smaller sections for various activities. The park as a whole is scheduled to be complete August 2019.