Student Council hosts Holiday Spirit Week


Mina Viviano

On the first day of spirit week, junior Selena Ballard is comfortable in her holiday pajamas.

Mina Viviano, Guest Reporter

Students and staff participated in Holiday Spirit Week, which began Dec. 17. Throughout the week, people wore specific clothing and accessories according to each day’s planned attire.

Monday was pajama day, where students and staff had a chance to wear pj’s to school.

“My favorite day by far is PJ day,” senior Eric Hoeful said. “It’s so comfortable and fun.”

Tuesday people could keep their ears warm by partaking in winter/holiday hat day. Many festive hats were worn throughout the school.

“I love wearing hats,” sophomore Makenzie Olmstead said, “and this was a great way for me incorporate a hat into my outfit for the day.”

Wednesday students had the chance to represent their graduation class. Sophomores wore green, juniors wore red and seniors wore white.

“I feel spirit week is a fun way to get students excited to come to school,” teacher Regina Shikwana said. “I like to see the students come together and feel like one with the group.”

On Thursday students got to wear ugly sweaters. People pulled out their ugly sweaters out of the back of their closet and wore them proudly to show some school spirit.

“I love the choices given this year,” junior Selena Ballard said. “I like to see everyone’s spirit; it makes walking in the halls less dull.”

The Friday before holiday break, people who participated represented Utica spirit by wearing Utica apparel.

Spirit week was a great way for students and staff to come together and show some holiday spirit before holiday break.