Teenage Dating

Alyssa Ali, Guest Reporter

While dating seems to be common among adolescents, opinions look to vary between individuals and their faith in young love. In the course of time, the details of dating have evolved and various factors have been revised.

Teens already have a considerable amount of burdens to balance and dating can add additional responsibilities. Despite the potential of downfalls, some individuals recognize relationships as a highlight in their overloaded lives. If something is enough of an importance to an individual, it is said that the time is worth to be made.

“It’s like having your best friend by your side everyday,”  senior Autumn Ludwig said. “Finding time to spend together can be sometimes complicated due to extracurricular activities and school, but you make it work because the relationship should be one of your main priorities too.”

As opinions differ, some look at teenage dating as a brief occurrence while others look for it to be a continuous reality. In whatever amount of time it may be, some say high school does not always create the healthiest environment to uphold such status and at times, simplicity struggles to exist.

“Teenage dating is a cool short term experience but can also turn into a lot of stress and drama in the end,” senior Quinn Rennell said. “If it’s the right person it’s worth it but if it’s toxic then it’s not.”

An extensive amount of dedication is required to carry forward such relationship and some say the total is not reasonable enough for the relationship to be worth it.

“It’s a lot of commitment,” senior Blake Lenzing said. “You feel like you have to devote all your time to them.”

In the case of commitment proposing an issue, according to some, arranging time may be part of the problem. However, even in the event of time management becoming somewhat of a struggle, technology is said to make communication easier, creating the possibility of benefits.

“Technology makes it much easier to communicate because if you are apart for some time, you are still able to stay in touch with the other person,” junior Danielle Monarch said.

In the process of time, dating evolves as technology advances.

Relationships can bring troubles but they can also provide a sense of bliss. Details of dating continue to be debated in which valid points are to be made.