New Year, New Goal

Mina Viviano, Guest Reporter

3…2…1… the new year is among us. People all around the school are making new year’s resolutions. People look at a new year to better themselves and make improvements in their life. 2019 brings promise and opportunities for anyone putting in effort to accomplish success.

Some people have common goals, goals to improve how they act and feel toward others. People are trying to better themselves they way they think necessary. Some think changing the way they act will improve them overall as a person.

“My new year’s resolutions is to be more understanding of others and focus on work and school,” junior Mina Mroof said. “I plan on not worrying about what others think  because I can’t control how they feel.”

“This year I finally am going to try and stop procrastinating,” senior Stephen Van Belois said, “and take things piece by piece and get things done.”

Others want to seek beauty in things and learn to love and accept what they have. They want to become more accepting and appreciative of what they have. For the new year people are trying to radiate love and acceptance.

“My new year’s resolution is to see the beauty in all things, small and big alike,” junior Savannah Cook said.  “Seeing the beauty in things is a good way to start this new year.”

Some people are setting their new years resolutions to improve their image and look to make them happy. They plan on putting their happiness over anything else.

“Happiness is the key to a good life,” sophomore Bella Canhemi said. “This year I want to starts dressing cuter and put more outfits together and get better grades to make me feel happier about who I am.”

“I plan on not caring what others think about me,” junior Piper Baumann said, “and work on myself and my happiness.”

All resolutions are getting at the same point: people want a reason to improve their lives, changing for the better and live a better life.