Bird Box


Magan Leitermann, Guest Reporter

Netflix’s latest new hit, Bird Box, was brought to screens on December 13th, 2018. There won’t be spoilers, don’t worry.

Bird Box follows the protagonist, Sandra Bullock, through an end-of-the-world situation where if a person removes their blindfold or opens their eyes outdoors, they’re automatically driven to end their life.

With this, Malorie (Sandra Bullock’s character) was rescued by strangers when they noticed she was in the street, she was also pregnant during this time. She managed to get along with the people in the house, and befriended another main character named Tom (played by Trevante Rhodes).

The main focus of the movie is Malorie with two children, named Boy and Girl, while trying to travel to their destination by boat quite dangerously.

This movie has had a lot of mixed reviews, with a 63% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 6.7/10 on IMDb, although, it seems to not be all that it has been cracked up to be to some people.

“It was okay, everyone just hyped it up too much” junior Alfrida Gjelaj said. “But I still didn’t mind it all too much.”

It seems that Netflix originals are always expected to be great films, but not all students agree with this. The originality of the movie gave potential for a new take on post-apocalyptic movies but didn’t reach for critics high expectations.

“I liked the movie it was really good and it had a good message,”  junior Sophia Cortez said. “But i don’t know how i felt about the ending, it was good but not what i was expecting.”

The movie apparently holds many plot holes that people are wondering about, How did the birds survive on the river? If the monsters happen to be demon-like entities, why can’t they allow themselves inside? How is it that Malorie could row the boat for around 40 consecutive hours without a break, and blindfolded on top of that?

These questions don’t seem like they hold any answers, but on the contrary, some people did think it was an intriguing story with little faults.

“It was very suspenseful.” Junior Daniela Catalano said.

The movies good reviews say that the acting was fairly strong, especially Sandra Bullock’s. It highlights the reality of motherhood when it comes to fighting for survival. In their circumstances, life can’t be filled with hope, the children need to be taught that things are going to be hard when fighting for their will to live. 

Even though Bird Box may have had faults to some people, the movies overall theme had a good message to get across to the audience, and this message was presented accurately for the movies misconceptions. The representation could’ve been improved, and plot holes throughout the movie could’ve been adjusted to make thing more fluent, but besides these factors Bird Box overall was an okay Netflix original to some individuals.

With the next film Netflix is expecting to be a hit, they should look over their screenplays and make sure everything adds up, and will make sense, being beneficial to the movies outcome. If they make sure of this, the next Netflix original will potentially be more successful if they pay attention to their faults to Bird Box, while knowing they can’t please everyone.