Training For The New Season

Aiden Ketchum, Guest Reporter

After a long off season, the upcoming spring sports need to prepare in order to have another good season. 

“We have go to the cages,” sophomore Isabella Page said. “Because if we do not do the training we need to do for the new [softball] season then we won’t be prepared for the new season.”

When a new season is approaching, there are different kinds of training teams do to prepare to have the right mindset and readiness going into the season.

“We have glove preparations,” sophomore Bhavin Patel said. “ Coaches have us practice specific plays depending on what the team needs to work on and also practice hitting to get the best results.”

There are also some consequences to your team, or even you, if you do not do the correct training or not having determination.

“You could not make the team,” sophomore Alex Kindl said. “Or you could get benched or  possibly kicked off the team if you do not put in the hard work you need to or the coaches think you could do more that your not.”

If you want your team to succeed, you will need to do work even when your not in season as shown by these athletes who put in hard work on and off season.