Valentine’s on a budget

Collin Fox, Sports Editor

Valentine’s day is a day full of romance and affection for most couples in the world. For some, date and gift ideas come easy, but for others it takes a little more creativity. This holiday can involve all different types of fun things to do with a significant other.


Buy some flowers
Most people are amused by gifts. Valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to get a nice gift for your significant other that has some romance behind it. Traditionally bought gifts for this holiday are chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals.
“Flowers and chocolates are definitely my go to gifts for this holiday,” senior Ty Cerget said, “I feel like it is a necessary thing to buy a gift for valentine’s day, and I definitely enjoy the happiness my significant other gets when they receive one.”
Whether you go all out or just buy something small, it’s the thought that counts.

Skate at the Onyx

Take that special someone out on a romantic evening of ice skating at the local Onyx ice arena. Evening skate is $6 for admission and $3 for skate rental.
“I always have so much fun with my boyfriend when we go ice skating, I would love it if we went skating for valentine’s day,” senior Hailee Fluent said.

Candle lit dinner
A nice candle lit dinner with your significant other on Valentine’s day is another great option. It is a a romantic way to spend time t together and eat food at t the same time.



Valentines day for ‘all the single ladies’ (and gents)
These dates don’t always need to be with just significant others, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with anyone. You could go out with friends, family, or anyone and still have the same amount of fun as a couple would.
Really the only difference between the two is that one is romantic and one isn’t. Both different sides are common because not everyone is in a relationship and even if they are some people are restricted from going out. Many things could fit under these categories.
“One time me and a few friends went out to eat and just hungout,” senior Jack Wexler said, “it was really fun and made Valentine’s Day more enjoyable.”
Valentines Day can be enjoyed by anyone.


Romantic movie night
An evening at the movies with that special someone on Valentine’s day can be very romantic. There are tons of good movies to watch for this occasion whether you look on Netflix or at your local theater. Either way it is an easy and cost efficient date for Valentine’s day.
“I love going to the movies with my boyfriend,” junior Danielle Monarch said, “and it would be great if we do that on valentine’s day.”

Ball out for your valentine
This would be a little more on the pricey side, but why not go big for your love? Taking them out to a college or professional basketball game would be a fun and exciting event for Valentine’s day, and a great way to show them just how much you care.



Winging it
A nice night out at a Red Wings game can be fun and romantic. It is a pretty big gesture to show affection. Also, Little Ceasers Arena is a new and very people-friendly place that has all different types of things to do, ranging from actually watching a basketball or hockey game or even a concert.