Apple Airpods cause (sound) waves


Evan Gray, Online Editor & Business Manager

Whether it be because of their phones, computers, or other accessories, the brand Apple has taken the technological world over for the past decade.

In December of 2016 they came out with wireless earbuds known as “airpods,” and they have become more and more common as time has progressed.

“I love my airpods; they make me feel rich,” sophomore Nolan Dishman said. “They are really convenient to use all day.”

These cordless headphones have many interesting and new features, but the one that is new to most people is the charging case that they come in.

“I always use my friend’s airpods and they’re really cool and high quality,” sophomore Aiden Ketchum said. “But I would never spend $175 on a pair of ear buds, no matter how awesome they are.”

These headphones started to pop up everywhere after the holiday season, especially after Christmas. Many parents bought these for their kids over the holidays and this caused a mass sellout of the new popular Apple product.

“I got airpods for Christmas and I’m so happy I got them,” junior Julia Clements said. “They are so convenient to use and I have to say that my favorite feature is being able to wear one while the other is just in the case. They’re very convenient.”

These headphones have sensors littered all over them so they can detect where they are and when to pause music based on placement in ear.

“I use my airpods all day, every day,” junior Darius Edwards said. “And when someone needs to talk to me I can just double tap the headphone and the music instantly stops. Wearing them has become a daily thing for me and a lot of people that I know.”

Whether these headphones are just another trend or a permanent thing, the youth generation is very happy with the product, and Apple is running to the bank with their new riches off airpods.