Valentine’s Day: Is being alone on Valentine’s day really all that bad?

Arianna Palushaj, Social Media Editor

For those in love, Valentine’s day is a very enjoyable day to reflect on their relationship, and to show just how much they mean to one another.

On the other hand, individuals like myself, that are single on Feb. 14, view the lovable holiday as just another way to think about how single they really are.

Throughout the years, I have developed a Valentine’s day routine that has helped keep me sane during the very dreadful holiday.

One of the biggest pieces of advise that I can give you in order to survive Valentine’s day alone is to spend the night with your other single friends. Binge watching romantic movies while binge eating with your favorite people is the perfect way to spend the day of love.

The most important thing to do when dealing with being alone on Valentine’s Day is to build self-confidence. Being confident in the fact that you know you will someday find the person of your dreams to spend Valentine’s Day with makes the holiday slightly more enjoyable.

“I tend to spend most Valentine’s Days focusing on myself.”

I tend to spend most Valentine’s days trying to focus more on myself than on the holiday as a whole. I make sure that I draw all of my attention to self-love and self-care. By spending time learning how to love myself, it makes it easier to find love in the future and to find someone to spend the romantic day with.

Although it may seem difficult to be alone on a day that is so full of love, just remind yourself that it is just another day. Taking the emotional value out of the day helps you realize that you are still the same person no matter what day of the month it is.

Social media, believe it or not, plays a very big part in holidays, especially one like Valentines day. Couples want to make it known that they’re so incredibly in love and couldn’t be happier. The easiest thing to do if you have not yet build up the confidence to know that it is okay to be alone, is to just stay off of all social media. Staying away from happy couples post that could potentially hurt your feelings makes it that much easier to just get through the day.

You always have to consider the fact that you are not the only person in the world that will be single on February 14. Spending the day doing random acts of kindness for people could potentially make their day and could make you feel slightly better about yourself.

As it is well known, Valentine’s day is a very overpriced holiday for gifts that are usually mediocre. Instead of spending that money on dinner and flowers, take that money and create a new look for yourself. Going shopping and spending money on yourself is just another way to build self-confidence. Not only are you building ways to love yourself, you are also saving money because plenty of clothing stores have sales on Valentine’s day.

Although Valentine’s day is a day full of red roses and heart shaped chocolate boxes, the day can also be dreadful for those without somebody to love. By distracting myself on the day of love with the friends that I adore the most while doing activities that make me the happiest, it is quit easy to take on the romantic holiday.