Will you accept this rose?


Arianna Palushaj, Social Media Editor

The ideal way for most people when it comes to finding someone to spend the rest of their lives with is to simply date for a few years and then eventually get in engaged with hopes of getting married. Not for bachelor Colton Underwood who was introduced to 30 women in one night and in the course of a few months, has to pick the one women he sees himself spending forever with. The former NFL player has to now decide if he should go with his gut or listen to his heart when it comes down to finding the perfect girl for him.

The bachelor captivates an audience that is interested in seeing who Colton’s perfect match may be and are slightly competitive when rooting for their favorite girl to win Colton’s heart. Fans of the TV show seem to rave about all of Colton Underwoods impeccable traits, while his good looks are just a bonus.

“I feel like colton is just a genuine guy,” senior Kendall Avis said. “He seems like he’s in it for all of the right reasons which is to find love, not to discover fame.”

A majority of the bachelor fanatics are intrigued by the fact that falling in love with someone who was once a complete stranger, is fully capable of being done in just a matter of a few months. After all, the main factor is not about how long you have known the other person, but how you connect with them both spiritually and romantically.

“The show draws my attention because I love watching people fall in love,” senior Lindsey Berg said. “It’s so interesting to see how  he has a different connection with every girl, some connections you can tell are way deeper than others”

As Colton has to chose who he takes on group dates and who he would like to spend one on one time with, his decisions stir up the house of girls making things quite dramatic. It is no surprise that 30 women sharing one man could cause some conflict to arise, especially when it comes to getting between each others relationships with Colton.

“The pressure of the competition creates a strong relationship with Colton and each girl,” junior Ashley Siluk said. “It makes the show dramatic enough to want to keep watching.”

As the show progresses, Colton will eventually propose to the women he has fallen in love with. It is just a matter of time until fans find out who the lucky girl will be that has won Colton’s heart.