“The Umbrella Academy:” What is it?


Mackenzie Olmstead, Staff


Imagine you have incredible super powers. You have super strength or can speak to the dead, or even have ninja skills. You are looked at as a hero by many and not much scares you as your fight alongside with your family and defeat bad guys. You are heroic, brave, and interesting. You are the ‘Umbrella Academy.’

Netflix has released a show, which originally started as a comic book, created by the frontman of the popular band My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, and Gabriel Bá.

The show is called ‘The Umbrella Academy,’ and has received a 76% from Rotten Tomatoes. Many people have said great things aboutThe Umbrella Academy,’ such as mentions of good actors and an addictive plot that hooks you in.

Senior Collin Fox was among those people who were hooked into the show.

“I think it hooks you in with the first few episodes,” he said. “It’s mysterious and exciting.”

‘The Umbrella Academy’ is a series following adoptive siblings with superpowers. The siblings were born to women who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before their birth and grow up with a programmed adoptive mother and strict adoptive father. ‘The Umbrella Academy’ return home when their father passes away, only to get caught in a whirlwind of problems that need solving.

Another fan of the show is sophomore Nicole Bienkowski.

“‘The Umbrella Academy’ is a great show honestly,” Bienkowski said. “The plot twists and the suspense make it even better.”

Like Bienkowski, sophomore Trinity Lupu was also a fan of the series.

“I really liked the show because it would always end on a cliffhanger,” Lupu said. “I also really liked how diverse the characters were.”

So, the remaining questions are ‘who are they’ and ‘what can they do?’

Luther Hargreeves, or “Number 1” has the power of super strength. He is often known as Spaceboy since he spent some time in space. Following Luther, is “Number 2,” also known as Diego Hargreeves. Diego is known for being the rebellious and reckless one out of his 6 other siblings. He is very skilled in knife-throwing and arguing with his brothers and sisters.

After Diego, comes Allison Hargreeves, sometimes called “The Rumor.” Allison has the ability to lie in order to alter reality. For example, when bad guys are near, the third sibling often tells them she heard a rumor about them, ultimately resulting in the villain doing whatever it was that Allison ‘heard’ of them doing.

After Allison, is Klaus. Number 4 has the ability to contact the dead, though his powers only work when he is sober, (which is not very often for the fan-favorite character). However, in Klaus’ words, he’s just often not in the “right state of mind.” Klaus is notorious for being very sarcastic and silly, drawing fans to this character.

Lupu was among the plentiful amounts of fans drawn to Klaus.

“My favorite character was Klaus due to his humor of the whole situation,” Lupu said. “I also like how he could provide comic relief during serious moments.”

Next in the list of siblings is another fan favorite. Number 5. He doesn’t have a regular name like the rest of his brothers and sisters, instead he is simply called “Five.”

Bienkowski is one of the many fans of Five.

“My favorite character is Five because he has a lot of plot twists and makes funny jokes,” Bienkowski said. “Plus, him and Dolores are super cute.”

Whether it’s his sarcastic humor towards his siblings, or his cool power to basically jump and reappear in different locations, fans love this character.

“I would definitely want Five’s power,” Lupu said. “It would be so cool to jump from place to place within a second or two.”

While these 5 siblings’ powers are super cool, the powers don’t stop there.

Number 6 or Ben Hargreeves is not seen often as he passed away before the series began. There are not many details upon how Ben died, but there’s lots of room for speculation. Ben’s power was the ability to “unleash the monsters” living under his very own skin. Talk about hiding your demons.

Last but not least academy members is Number 7. Vanya Hargreeves. What a complicated character with a complicated childhood. Vanya grew up different from her siblings. Their father held her back from playing and training with her brothers and sisters, telling her she just wasn’t special like they were. Developing personal issues from her father’s lack of compassion, Vanya wrote a book about her life with the academy and what it was like to be the sibling with no special powers. With the help of a friend turned enemy, the seventh sibling discovered when she became angry enough that she indeed had powers and had been shielded from them her whole life because she was too powerful. When Vanya focuses on sounds, especially her violin playing, she can throw people with her mind or cause an asteroid to strike Earth. I’d sure hate to make her mad..

Though the show’s overall plot may seem perfect to some people, there were some questionable plots.

“I didn’t really like the whole relationship between Allison and Luther because they were raised as brother and sister but had a romantic connection,” Lupu said. “Which I thought was really odd.”

The Allison and Luther love plot was questioned by Bienkowski as well.

“I think it was unnecessary for Allison and Luther to have that realtionship,” Bienkowksi said. “That’s just gross.”

I guess the only way for you to find out how you feel about ‘the Umbrella Academy’ is to watch it for yourself..