Water wars slippin’ in


Evan Gray, Online Editor & Business Manager

Every year the students, seniors specifically, put together an event where the seniors have the option to get in teams of five and have water fights. There are rounds and each opponent is randomly selected. Students may only use a water source of some kind (water gun, hose, water balloon, etc.) and there has to be video proof that the person is soaked. If someone is shot, they are out of the competition and once a whole team is out they are disqualified from the competition.

“This years going to be a really fun competition,” senior Jacob Joseph said. “As long as everyone follows the rules we can make it a really memorable thing for our senior year.”

Each person who signs up must give $10, so a whole team will have to contribute $50 in total. All this money is thrown into a pool and the last team standing throughout the weeks of water wars is victorious and is granted all the money the participants gave.

Water wars officially starts on April 15, which is right after Spring break is over. Students must sign up and pay by Friday, April 12 to be eligible to participate. Each team must also have a captain that runs the team and makes sure the video proof of people getting out is uploaded and seen.

“Me and a few friends already got our team together, but still need to come up with a name,” senior Mackenzie Malone said. “I can’t wait for it to start up and I’m also very anxious to see what team we’ll be against.

The official twitter page for this years water wars is @UhsWars and all rules, information, and teams will be posted.

For any questions or concerns the two students who are running this event are seniors Jacob Joseph and Jaclyn Duff and they will be happy to answer any questions students or parents have.